Elite Attack

Remember when a good athletic aerobic class workout was just that – simple, motivating, satisfying work? Elite Fitness prepares you for the most challenging workout on the planet – Elite Attack.
This Elite Fitness programme will ignite all your energy systems, push your boundaries to the extreme and leave you and your body on a high.

So what is the appeal?

Elite Attack continues to defy industry innovations and fads by providing simple easy-to-follow moves attracting large numbers of fitness enthusiasts back into the group fitness arena. The success Elite Attack can be attributed to its basic principles, pre-choreographed athletic exercise, music with appeal, and instructors who live to get active. Appealing to men and women, Elite Attack is ideal for anyone with moderate fitness levels who is seeking an athletic challenge. This is no dance class but a high-intensity workout for those who want to be seriously fit. Participants can expect high energy, high heart rates and rapid changes of posture. Our aim as instructors is to increase participation by providing an unforgettable exercise experience that works and works fast!

The workout

The workout structure, exercise techniques and choreography style draw from a variety of disciplines including; athletics, sports, callisthenics and good old-fashioned aerobics! Predictable pre-choreographed exercises ensure your success – there are no surprises, just progressive movement.

Elite Attack: Phase 1

Phase one sets the scene with a warm-up, a series of basic low-impact aerobic exercises followed by two medium-intensity tracks, raising the heart rate through the use of music speed, lever length, and range and direction of movement. The choreography is predictable and follows the verse/chorus structure making it easy for consumers and instructors to feel comfortable with the movements.

Elite Attack: Phase 2

Phase two comprises of specific tracks with progressive intensity. With tracks designed to kick-start the body and energy systems again giving a gentle reminder of the athletic culture of this programme. It includes performing propulsive and dynamic moves whilst motivating the other. This phase, encouraging participants to push to the limit before another active recovery. The strength endurance tracks provide conditioning for the lower body with a combination of squats and lunges, allowing the heart rate to recover in preparation for the final phase.

Elite Attack: Phase 3

Phase three consists of final peak cardio tracks which further provide anaerobic workloads. This phase leaves the body wanting more as it enters the final and ultimate track. Participants and instructors take their bodies to extreme energy, pushing the boundaries and shedding a skin! It’s not about tomorrow but all about today.

The class then goes through final strength endurance including a series of abdominal and back exercises, ending with a cool-down phase that incorporates a mixture of static and dynamic stretching. This multi-peak structure ensures that the delicate balance between sound physiological sequencing and high levels of dramatic contrast is maintained throughout the 45- to 60-minute class. From a cross-training perspective it complements the wide range of exercise-to-music programmes that are currently available.


As a workout, Elite Attack is perceived as an effective and motivating way to experience high-energy interval training in a group fitness environment. Take up the challenge and get active! If you want to get fit, stay fit or get fitter you need to get to Elite Attack!