Rave as youTrain

Rave as you train simple, fun dance fitness routines using glow sticks to anthems from 90′s classics to the latest chart hits taught in a darkened room with disco lights.
Because of the high and low impact options Rave as you train classes are great if you’re a beginner or if you’re already a fitness freak!

Glow sticks at the ready for fitness!

Forget toiling away at a sweaty treadmill for half an hour each day whilst you try not to think about that chocolate bar you left in the bottom of your gym bag. It’s time to get your glow sticks out and slap on some neon paint. Glow stick raves are the latest fitness craze!

What is Rave as you train?

Think 90’s club minus the Alcopops. Rave as you train classes are energetic dance aerobic workouts to (mainly) hits from the 90’s in a darkened room with disco lights. And the best bit… everyone gets glow-sticks.

It’s an exercise class that feels more like a night out: “You know on a night out when your favourite song comes on and you think it’s the BEST THING EVER. It was like that, but for a whole hour”.

Reasons why Rave as you train is better than a night out clubbing

What’s so appealing about these classes is not just the way they make exercising fun (you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour-long class), but also the way they allow people to really go for it. Exercising in the dark makes you feel a lot less self-conscious than being surrounded by Elle MacPherson lookalikes in a brightly-lit room.

Plus you can take it at your own pace. Whether you do all the moves full-out like a sweaty rave junkie hyped-up on caffeine, or take it easy, it’s up to you… No one will see you; you’re in a dark room.

What do I need to bring to Rave as you train?

Our premium glow sticks provide an ultra-bright glow, which makes them perfect for when the lights go out, and the music starts going. Available at Reception for £2 these are battery operated.

Why not wear glow stick bracelets – it’s a great excuse to wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t-care. Make sure your class can see you. Get creative with some glow-in-the-dark face paint or run some UV streaks through your hair.